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Title Loans for Cosmetic Surgery?

Do you need a loan for liposuction? Have you ever heard of someone just handing out a loan for cosmetic surgery? I doubt it. But just in case you think we’re kidding, you must read on.

When you get a collateral loan, like a pink slip loan or a title loan, at least in San Diego County – they won’t ask you why you need the money, and frankly it’s none of their business. You see, they have your automobile’s title, which means that if you don’t pay it back, heck, they still get your car. It’s actually much less risky than signature loans, which require nothing for collateral except for your signature and good credit. But be careful when you select a title loan – the money can be expensive. Best practices would suggest you do due diligence on which company you want to do business with. And even better practices would advise saving money before spending, therefore eliminating interest payments.

But if you absolutely must go down and talk to San Diego’s botox surgeon, than at least you’ll be looking your best, even if you can’t leave the house because you’re out of a car (just kidding, they only want your pink slip)… How do you get a title back from a collateral loan? Does “pawn shop” ring a bell? It’s all about semantics at this point. Ultimately, interested borrowers “hawk” their car for a loan with the exception of not leaving your vehicle on the property of the loaner. All they’re interested in is the title to your car so be sure you really need the money! Remember, it’s expensive – and what would happen if you didn’t pay it back?

auto and title loans
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